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OLIVE 8 / HYATT HOTEL - Seattle, WA Year: 2008/2009 Utilization: residenzial Projects: 240 cucine & 400 bagni Models: Integra

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Rigorous and refined design, quality in planning and technology, selected materials from ecomalta to resin, from wood to laminate. Wellness is a complete system of co-ordinated and integrated solutions; being in constant advancement, it represents an innovative furnishing solution for the bathroom where contemporary research and durability are crucial.

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The curved line, without doubt, is the main Dune characteristic that has the Pedini imprint. Also a clear Pedini trademark are the custom designed cooker hob/sink, that are integrated in the special shaped worktops. The balance of taste, style and functionality is enhanced by refined aesthetic choices, full of enchanting smoothness.

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Arts & Crafts

“Arts & Crafts” refers to the couple “vintage – innovation” intended as a vocation towards the past which sets a new life-style and design. Maximum customisation to create a modern “kitchen studio” where the elements thought in the concept planning of the “broke up” kitchen can merge and integrate perfectly, in a whole space dedicated to conviviality and total living. The “broke up” kitchen is identified by working areas and their connected elements: a cooking and washing up area - both in an island or on a wall – storage areas and appliances areas, snack preparation areas, functional cabinets made of metal sheet. The working areas can perfectly integrate in a traditional layout made of base and wall units.

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The Eko line is a perfect example of integration, whether intended as the ability to establish a correlation between the furnishing elements in the same space, or as the desire to connect different areas of the house by designing “open space” furniture. A fair balance between spontaneity and originality that makes the free development of ideas possible, thanks to the versatility of environmentally friendly materials and to the ability to choose between “minimal” solutions making use of doors with or without a handle. The Eko kitchens are designed to give freedom of interpretation, according to the culture and the environment of those who live it, to feel at home anywhere.

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