Artika & Dune: Pedini design celebrates its rounded collection with a brand new, all thumb-through catalogue

Artika & Dune Design is the new catalogue that showcases the design project signed by our Domenico Paolucci, author of two of the best-loved Pedini collections.

Curvy contours are doubtlessly the primary detail that confer a distinctive trait on Dune and Artika, an unmistakable emblem of Pedini’s research endeavours, as is the case with the burner hobs and customized sinks that fit harmoniously with the especially contoured tops. The balance between tastefulness, stylishness and function is enhanced by refined aesthetic choices that are rich in sinuous flowingness.

Artika, on the other hand, has revisited its own lines in order to endow space with greater harmony and simplicity. It stands out thanks to rounded cabinet doors, ideal for those who prefer a flowing style. Ergonomic shapes find their expression in doors with characteristic curvy smoothness, and they can be combined in a number of ways. The stainless steel hobs match perfectly the work tops.
Pedini collections put you in the privileged position of being able to skip passing fashions thanks to their always new expressiveness, the result, once more, of Italian manufacturing that is synonymous with style and great know-how.