“HI PEDINI”, the design kitchen that celebrates the Internet of Things, is introduced at Microsoft’s

It is now possible to talk to the kitchen and to have, on a daily basis, a 4.0 experience that brings together a great brand’s design with Microsoft’s technological innovation, in collaboration with IoMote. The kitchen of the future is here in the present, its design and technology are Italian, and it can talk and understand when spoken to.

“Hi Pedini” – this is the name of the app, the technology and the voice command that activates the latest novelty by Pedini, a Marche brand that has been interpreting the country’s best furnishings tradition for over 60 years and that, in this project celebrating the Internet of Things in things design, has collaborated with IoMote, a start-up company with which it has already teamed up in the past, and with Microsoft, the world’s most important IT brand, in order to remain faithful to its own tradition in the area of technological research and to give a welcoming wink to the future.