Artika & Dune

Artika NO.02

Artika No.02 Kitchen Living Bath Technical In this linear role Artika expresses the concept of integration and respect of nature and architecture. The walls become

Dune No.04

Dune No.04 Vienna is one of the liveliest cities in the world, and it offers the hedonists limitless surprises, a charm to which Dune could

Dune No.03

Dune No.03 A villa with a large garden frames this Dune kitchen, a true creator of an evocative setting where are felt the genius, style

Dune No.02

Dune No.02 In this proposal Dune enhances the relationship between the consistency of natural elements such as the wood of the cupboards and the matt

Dune No.01

Dune No.01 The Dune door is characterized by its formal flexibility and the versatility of the curves that can be broadened in its modularity, as

Artika No.05

Artika No.05 Integration is the password of this kitchen where creative solutions include ergonomics and beauty. The design is inspired by the nature from which

Artika NO.04

Artika No.04 Straight and curved lines meet to create a truly versatile kitchen project suitable for an “open space” design. Flexible, not only within the

Artika NO.03

Kitchen Living Bath Technical Artica No.03 Kitchen Living Bath Technical Articulated, sinuous, enchanting, Artika expresses in its dynamism the pulsating heart of the metropolis. It

Artika NO.01

Artika No.01 Kitchen Living Bath Technical The door of Artika is characterized by a curved edge on the horizontal sides, an unmistakable symbol of the

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