K016 / C 05

K016 / C 05 Kitchen A precious “U-shape” is the one designed by the peninsula that develops with minimalist rigor a large space dedicated to

K016 / C 04

K016 / C 04 The light intervenes in defining the colors, reads the material that characterizes the surfaces and exalts them. Therefore the designer considers

K016 / C 03

K016 / C 03 Together with materials, a fundamental element from which the designer begins his quest to reach the idea, there is the architecture,

K016 / C 02

K016 / C 02 A “green” lacquered metal malachite island is part of an extraordinary space, surrounded by equipped eucalyptus walls, where surfaces of rare

K016 / C 01

K016 / C 01 The integration between the various architectural forms and materials, with which a product is made, is the key to reading the

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