In these times of great financial difficulty and uncertainty, Pedini SpA has chosen to face the economic crises rather than be victimized by it. Pedini will continue as planned, with its long term investment strategy. In addition to the ongoing expansion of product offerings and the world-wide customer base growth, Pedini has made a major investment in the expansion of its production facility and adding an additional 18,500 square meters (approx 200,000 sq. Ft.) to its present facilities, of which 8,500 square meters (approx 91 ,500 sq. ft.) are buildings and 800 square meters (approx 8,600 sq. Ft.) is destined to become a new showroom. The new showroom will allow Pedini to display their entire product offerings, under one roof and to enable its clients to ‘touch and feel’ the Pedini quality, while they are visiting the factory.

Pedini also invested in modern machinery that will speed up the production process, will improve the products quality control and will allow an even more automated production line, than the much automated one used till now. In addition, the new computerized production line will decrease the possibility of damages and errors and will improve the employees work conditions. The new line will independently move the packaged product all the way to the truck or container automatically.

The expansion has been just completed and the new machinery will be installed next month (May, 2010). Pedini is scheduled to start production, in the new facility, in September and to have everything at ‘full speed’ by January of 2011.

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