Artika No.04

Straight and curved lines meet to create a truly versatile kitchen project suitable for an “open space” design. Flexible, not only within the dimensional choices, but in the ability to create semicircular peninsulas that gather and hold in a close space the operating area.

An unconventional kitchen already prepared in the shape of a semi-circle peninsula as a solution for a double usage. The inside is purely operative with deep drawers placed symmetrically and equipped to guarantee the maximum storage. The worktop includes the stainless steel sink and hob, suitably shaped following the harmonic curves of Artika, the result of a work of precision and great attention to detail. A curved oak table turns into a smart “entertainer” to serve breakfast or informal meals.


Each element is tailor-made as this is part of Pedini’s philosophy, based on any specific need. If standard solutions fulfill the optimization of resources, the “customized” ones provide superior quality and care, which often leads to a long-lasting choice

Transform your space.