Artika No.01

The door of Artika is characterized by a curved edge on the horizontal sides, an unmistakable symbol of the company’s design research and attention to detail.

Kitchens “open” in the concept of space, “open” in the vision of a cosmopolitan design conceived to accommodate diversity of thought, custom and style. Kitchens imagined in the most diverse contexts, and nevertheless, always ready to fulfill their greatest mission: to interpret the demands of men and women to meet the needs of living with all its nuances. An itinerant journey towards modernity where art and culture join the message with strength and originality. Carpe Diem!

In this compositional idea, Artika is a perfect example of integration, whether it is the ability to link furniture items in the space, as well as to communicate the different areas of the home by designing “open space” furnishings. A fair balance between spontaneity and originality that keeps the free development of ideas thanks to the versatility of environment friendly materials and curved and minimalist solutions.

Ergonomics is at the base of every Pedini solution, the essential prerequisite for improving the functionality of the kitchen as each element is appropriately studied to facilitate it. A multifunctional island is able to offer a large surface with the cooking and washing area and an impeccable storage area with a curved shaped end. A “breakfast” table, supported and embellished with the crystal holder, becomes an added value for functionality and aesthetics.

Transform your space.