Artica No.03

Articulated, sinuous, enchanting, Artika expresses in its dynamism the pulsating heart of the metropolis. It exalts the combinations of matte lacquered smooth colors and the solid wood of the breakfast tables, almost evoking the stability of our roots, the true value of every human being. Carpe Diem is an invitation to capture, wherever you are, the essence of hospitality.

Finding balance between home and wellness is the key element to design responsibly. Artika revisits its shapes to sketch a space with more harmony and simplicity. The edges leave room to ergonomic curves that accompany the development of the composition making each storage space an expressive opportunity of craftsmanship, where the hand is primarily an “intellectual hand”.


Attention to design is exalted in the sinuous shapes that gather the main functions in this solution with peninsula table. Washing, cooking and storage are enhanced by the choice of noble materials of matt doors with matt lacquered groove and the purity of the corian worktop, creating an aesthetic effect of continuity on all linear and curved surfaces.

Transform your space.