Artika No.02

In this linear role Artika expresses the concept of integration and respect of nature and architecture. The walls become “transparent” structure to make natural light invading the intimacy of home environment. The kitchen is the meeting place for excellence where fine cooking is a pleasure to enjoy first with your eyes.

A sophisticated and rich setting where once again the LED light comes into play to illuminate a huge cooktop. The stained oak peninsula table moves towards the center of the room creating an effect of continuity along with the “living style” boiserie. Artika, an “evergreen” spirit.

The lacquered groove grigio Londra marks with minimalist aesthetic rigor the opening of the Artika matt white lacquered deep drawers. The oak squared table stands out for its “handcrafted” details that make the difference between an ordinary kitchen and your kitchen designed for “pleasure” and built to last. A must of the made in Italy by Pedini.

Transform your space.