Cook Eat No.04

Cook Eat is a perfect example of integration, both as an ability to fit in different contexts, and for the natural inclination to connect people and food through which express freedom and creativity. The “open space” solution allows to maintain the free development of actions around this extraordinary equipped and versatile island. Cook Eat is made of eco-friendly materials because without sustainability, research & development and innovation could not exist.

Cook Eat, born from the need to effectively and creatively support lovers of good food and established professionals, testifies the great ability to organize corporate and institutional show-cooking events thus creating a dense network of relationships. What can happen around a table is known to many, but what stems from this project is its ability to be itinerant, at home or wherever you want to bring the pleasure and goodness of Italian cuisine.


An invitation to get out of the schemes proposed by the traditional concept of kitchen that recognizes it as a meeting place in the house, Cook Eat thanks to its extreme versatility becomes itself the place of the event, a sort of contemporary nomadism that does not take root because it recognizes and it moves where things happen. Within small or large residential spaces, in the context of trade fairs or institutional events, Cook Eat provides an unequalled, itinerant service for its vocation to freedom.

Transform your space.