Cook Eat No.01

The CookEat project emphasizes the action most loved by Italians “cooking everywhere”. A passion that has made protagonists lovers of good food and professionals, giving a chance to everyone to express creativity at home or in restaurants thanks to its flexibility and the performance that can achieved. A multifunctional working surface leans on a strong metal structure and includes hobs, sinks, hoods, as well as suspended storage cabinets. Independence is its prerogative. CookEat is memorable in the realization of show-cooking events being easily placed in any place indoor and outdoor.

In this first project we highlight how the CookEat solution allows to furnish a home space that communicates with the external environment in total harmony. The possibility to easily move the “island” outdoors has considerable advantages, especially in the summer seasons when more often the “cooking” becomes a pretext for convivial gatherings. An entire equipped wall disappears behind antique metal lacquered doors with a simple gesture of the hand, leaving in perfect order and elegance the kitchen area that becomes a “living” area.


Extremely characterizing is the design of the strong metal structure painted in cast-iron colour that supports the large working surface made elegant by an amazing shiny statuary white with a thickness of 12 mm. Working surface is equipped with a cooking hob and a Gaggenau hood. Four suspended base cabinets make an excellent “table service” becoming a perfect island totally independent and for this reason usable in any environment. In this project the washing area has been placed inside the titanium metal lacquered tall cabinets in order to make every space free for the creation of your dishes.

Transform your space.