Cook Eat No.03

The extraordinary flexibility of the Cook Eat equipped island stands out in its ability to serve in public places where efficiency plays a major role. The aesthetics and materials of this design proposal convert the atmosphere of the domestic environment into “underground” product. A receptive and very modern restaurant in the center of a European city provides the starting point for a solution to the excellence catering. Every thing, every operation takes place at sight, cooking, preparing and serving are elements of communication with its customers who will first enjoy with their eyes what, shortly thereafter, will be tasted at the table.

When the need changes, the Cook Eat island is equipped to serve a wider audience, from residential to contract, the prerogative is given by the flexibility of its dimensions, the customization of the finishes and its vocation to be placed in the coveted front windows of places increasingly inclined to a cosmopolitan vision. From the preparation of breakfast and snacks to the cooking of elaborate dishes of every shape, color and flavor, the personality is a fundamental ingredient, and this is the strengthens of good cuisine, based on the experience of the chef able to choose instruments capable of supporting him in one of the most creative and loved jobs in the world. Cook Eat is an island of excellence for your kitchen, anywhere!


Transform your space.