Cook Eat No.02

The keyword of this journey around the kitchen and its expressions is “openness”, the one necessary to savor the pleasure of new tastes by integrating personal experiences with the purpose of experimenting. Cook Eat tells itself through operational wide open spaces and delicious dishes moving from the intimacy of the house to moments of conviviality to be shared anywhere.

Being able to enjoy a space that gives the freedom to welcome guests in your own, having a garden and a beautiful view as this one, is already an indication of what perspective Cook Eat offers, designed to combine different functions and able to stylistically integrate itself in every context. The working surface in corten includes three fundamental elements: sink, hob and integrated hood which together with the base cabinets in coniferous wood show its total independence in any situation. From convivial gatherings in family or among friends to show-cooking events, Cook Eat always offers the excellence of exclusive performances!


Materic and welcoming, Cook Eat get itself ready to prepare your menu with the spontaneity of the nature that accompanies you in the ritual of cooking. Stools and seats are around the island for those who decide to assist the chef and want to attend the event in total relax. Like a fragrant spice Cook Eat adds that uniqueness of sensory experiences to be shared!

From the rich breakfasts or tasty dishes of the traditional Mediterranean diet to exotic menus, Cook Eat pushes to experiment new paths using latest generation materials and equipment. The freedom to act and to move in within a certain space transforms this place into that island, to which you can moor confidently in total harmony with nature, like the first source of inspiration.

Transform your space.