Dune No.02

In this proposal Dune enhances the relationship between the consistency of natural elements such as the wood of the cupboards and the matt black lacquer of the monolithic island and surpasses every traditional concept of kitchen for expressive modernity. Like an urban architecture, Dune organizes functional spaces to live in a kitchen that brings the charm of memory with a look to the future.

Dune expresses its modernity in this “sculptural work” in matt lacquered black ingo 0720 ms. An island rich of content Is characterized by an overhanging worktop challenging the force of gravity forming a steady breakfast table. The monolithic shape of the island deliberately acts against the two cupboards made of softwood, giving the environment a captivating vintage style. Cupboards like keepers of tradition, to integrate appliances or increase the storage with shelves with black aluminum profile.


The black glass induction hob is perfectly integrated into the island worktop suggesting a change of material and function, as well as the satin stainless steel sink expresses the refined elegance of a minimalist design. The built-In hood is extracted when needed, leaving additional space available to the user when is it off. Equipped drawers and deep drawers contribute to order and utensils care, and encourage the separate collection, respecting the environment.

The desire to recover forms and materials as “archetype” of our existence emerges in all its power. In the cupboards is recovered an ancient wood, a material that has lived the history and returns its experience, so that even the most modern technologies acquire a noble soul, the one that finds innovation starting from history.

The island is equipped with extractable drawers and deep drawers with soft-close device, fitted with accessories that makes the arrangement of utensils tidy and practical. A fine detail is the groove on the dishwasher front which offers aesthetic continuity in presence of adjacent base units with grooves.

The design thinks of beauty in terms of usefulness. An example is the cabinet in the island, housing two spacious deep drawers.

Transform your space.