K016 / C 04

The light intervenes in defining the colors, reads the material that characterizes the surfaces and exalts them. Therefore the designer considers each element as an active part of the project, a project such as K_016 that is highly oriented towards integration and contamination that nature suggests. The distance between the outside, represented as natural dimension, and the inside, represented as artificial space, built for man and his functional needs where ergonomics and aesthetics come into play, make a tailor-made project from all points of view.


A strategic plan, developed by the designer, to turn a peninsula into a multifunctional element. The sliding system of the veneered eucalyptus worktop allows to move towards the center of the room clearing the space on the worktop for efficiency and simultaneously turning into an original squared table.

The extreme formal elegance of matt white lacquered doors enhances the light and the contrast with the materiality of wood and gres. Stainless steel hood with eucalyptus veneered aluminum shelf.

Transform your space.