K016 / C 02

A "green" lacquered metal malachite island is part of an extraordinary space, surrounded by equipped eucalyptus walls, where surfaces of rare beauty are displayed, as if there were a mild scent of wood. A special aluminum board, Pedini patented, allows you to build original equipment where the most important kitchen accessories - cutlery, knife holder, brush holder, and electric socket - become the creator of sartorial efficiency.

Bridge accessories in anthracite aluminum, on the wall, decorate with intelligence and formal rigor giving appeal and originality to the new kitchen environment. Tall units with folding opening glass shelves and interior lighting. Doors eucalyptus veneered

The culture of project meets with food, it cares for it, preserving it appropriately, finding the correct positioning for each object and instrument according to the logic dictated by ergonomics and quality


The Bridge system brushed aluminum dominates the island, serving the working surface like an organized container for spices and utensils.

The boiserie, in fine eucalyptus wood, accomodates a wines collection by means of curved metal elements, illuminated by a led bar. An interval between the fold opening wall units to display "reserve" of wines dedicated to hospitality and taste

The Bridge system is inspired by its own function, a bridge connecting the island in its full length by optimizing space of the working surface in white lapitec. Accessories aluminum anthracite are equipped on top with spicerack, chopping board, jar holders and kitchen utensils, on bottom the space is used to to store dishes and utensils you want to keep always at hand.

A unique glass tall unit works as a "virtual" wall, creating a well-lighted and enchanting space reserved for what was once called the dining room. The frame of the doors in brown aluminum sets an aesthetic rhythm to the organization of the storage spaces, where glasses and objects of everyday use find a place in a showcase that makes transparency a must.

Transform your space.